Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday

I made a few things this past week for some friends birthdays. My best friend and her sons birthdays are two days apart so I got the chance to bake more than usual. I am kicking myself now, but I didn't take a picture of her sons cake. I do however have pictures of the fondant bear that went on top of his cake, and the cupcakes I made her.

These are her flower cupcakes. I learned how to do this on a video I watched on YouTube. I thought they were darling.

This is the Bear that was on top of her sons cake. It is made of fondant. The original cake was going to have several bears on it, but after the second hour in this one I decided to cut back to just one. LOL!!! It was worth it but a lot of work.

I also made coucanut cupcakes for my dad the week before.

In a few weeks I am making the Banana Chocolate Chip cupcakes for my step dad's birthday. I'll tell you how it goes!

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Carrie said...

Girl, you are gonna have to move back....we would keep you in business!

Good work!! And they look yummy too!